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Sunday, 08 December 2013
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  • Am planning a Bitcoin party to launch crowdfunding for a 3part series documentary I've been making for the last three months. Is anyone willing to send me a 2-3min clip saying 'hi' to the Melbourne BTC community, give your opinion on Melbourne being the BTC capital of the world, and giving their thoughts on Zeta??

    Respect to your anonymity if you don't want to face a camera... text quotes also accepted.

    Due by 28 April... quotes/clips will be collated and shared with whomever participates.
    8 hours 37 minutes ago
    MADinMelbourne smoki so... maybe next week?
    23 minutes ago
  • Zetacoin Vanity address for all!

    Here it's the vanitygen - zetacoin for windows:…

    Hit the green button to download it and follow this simple step:…

    Donate: ZZero1ajtxEYXevBDrFLhf4yV53fXixkpj
    15 hours 22 minutes ago
    TheZero I will fix it this evening :D
    2 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Hi everyone, I'm sure some of you know me from twitter Adamjohnston_ .

    Me and Parabear have been talking about the promotion of Zetacoin at the world cup. It just happens I am going as a guest of fifa and will have 6 days to do whatever I want in RIO.

    The idea is that I would be handing out Zetacoin tanktops to girls around the stadium for the quarter final. And then telling them ''If you get noticed you become model for Zetacoin South American Ventures'' or something along those lines. And organizing a meeting time outside the stadium to the get the merchandise back.

    The importance of this may be quite low as nothing may come from it. But everyone here knows that girls with big tits = attention. Its just a fact of life. I have seen it where I ''work'' and how effective it is. These tank tops can be sent to people around the world for whatever promotion event they are doing. If I use them in Brazil, I can send them over to Konen/Parabear for their bitcoin conference. It will bring people over to the booth naturally. It just works that way someone smarter than me can scientifically explain it.

    I am happy to put in a good bit of funding for this whenever my Fiat bank balance looks healthy.

    What we hope to achieve :… .
    20 hours 6 minutes ago
    marekfort Well, sex sells but it doesn't mean that something else doesn't sell more. We should do something simple as well, cup in Rio is a huge action and we should take advantage of it.
    3 hours 59 minutes ago
  • Ok, the partner starts stress testing the system. The stress test what includes POS (powered by cryptr) will be completed over the Holy Week.

    I have done all what need to be done from my end, it is now relaxing and catching up on a lot of sleep.

    I will take 72 hours really off! I mean off.

    I said it in December, forget about the price now, I don't care we went up today, or down last week. Or whatever happen... A new area starts, and I will spend my zetas, with a lot of purchase power ;)

    History in the making, zbad305 style.

    Joe this is for you! Stay away from the trolls, I switched off twitter a week ago. Why would you care? We start a new way' much more cryptr! Zetacoin! ZBAD305!

    I love you all, btw if you guys want to buy me a beer, find zet and btc in the footer.

    Posted on the road, from my iPad. Break time, I hope you guys feel as happy as I am! #muchlove
    MADinMelbourne Good to hear you're taking some time off Konen, much needed, relax, regenerate for round 2. And thanXXX.
    8 hours 56 minutes ago
  • I am asking that no one mention this document on twitter. Please sit back and let's not engage. We do not want to irk the 3rd party with our community creating havoc.
    apap100 It was a document from an Anon source based on his own un-confirmed research + assumptions
  • Zetacoin over @ cryptsy is at .00009580 at the moment, hope it can grow, but its looking like a pump.
    hammo Interestingly BC had dropped it's midday value by half, so the money must have moved into ZET which is a good thing :)
  • And Finally,

    Here it's the PaperWallet Generator made by me:

    Remember to donate just a little to the dev :)
    DaRock great work! thank you so much! :D
    23 hours 26 minutes ago
  • Want some easy ZET? Cometo ZetaClicks.Com Have no user yet? Sign up, its real easy, fast, and free. Make sure to save your ZET address in payments info, too, once you are in.

    We have a couple of easy tasks right now, you can get up to 3 zet in less than 15 minutes! Just follow the steps. Enjoy!
    banjokid2000 Allright, special offers is done. Thank you everyone who completed the tasks!

    You can still earn more by watching our regular ads (0.06 ZET each site watched)
    19 hours 34 minutes ago
  • Sorry for those of you on twitter seeing the full out offensive aka Slanderfest 2014. It's basically 1 guy who has an obsession with me for some unknown reason.
  • ZetaClicks Offer

    As many of you already know, ZetaClicks.Com ( ) pays Zetacoin (ZET) to its members for watching ads.

    We would like to raise the amount of ZET we pay per ad, and towards this end, if you are also into DogeCoin, please use this faucet (ref) link:

    The extra DogeCoins we obtain will be traded for ZET and these shall be used to help fund ZetaClicks.Com further. So, the more DogeCoins YOU get, the higher the ZET rewards we will be able to pay out too.
    banjokid2000 Yup, we have been able to raise the rewards some now :)
    19 hours 33 minutes ago
  • Update: we should be able to finish the remove all bugs and finishing up the integration by tonight or early tomorrow.

    I have a meeting tomorrow with Mike for the roadmap and to know when we will start promoting and release the beast ;)

    We are almost there, history in the making!

    Sorry that I was not much around, but we literally work around the clock. We make this happen ZBAD305, I love you all.
    edean3 Thanks for the update. Good luck!
  • The Zetacoin song. Thanks to Zhangzhang and Hammo

    My musician friend (Zhangzhang) composed this one based on Lyrics Hammo and I wrote. English is not his first language, some errors in. Are there some English musicians who could help make this song better? Feel free to remix and record your singing. Thanks.

    Here is the link:

    When the winds of change are upon us
    Some will not last long
    Crypto coins will come and go
    But zetacoin will stand strong

    Merchants require a quick response
    And zetacoin can deliver
    With a vast mining network
    It’s time to reconsider

    Zetacoin, Zetacoin
    the global crypto coin
    A gift to the whole world
    Making the globe more peaceful

    Zetacoin, Zetacoin
    the global crypto coin
    People feel so joyful
    u make life really beautiful

    It’s not just a first world coin
    That’ll put it on the map
    But a gift to the third world
    and something to unwrap

    Zetacoin will grow
    In all sorts of places
    In this country and that
    And across all races
    2 days ago
    derfshaya It's more of a Chinese thing. In Chinese, Zetacoin is known as "ze ta bi", where 'ze' is pronounced with a short 'uh'-ish sound
    1 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Hey and Hi! Just a quick quetion that somebody may be able to help me with (please?). I want to use Zeta-Coin as the donation altcoin of choice on my daughter's charity fundraising website - apart from just advertising the zetacoin wallet address, is there any advice/coding out there to make a "pay now" or "donate now" button, along the lines of Paypal (but without the rip-off charges?)... Many Thanks! Twitter djspang :-)
    2 days ago
    banjokid2000 I *think* the website "" provides automatic payment buttons and APIs for Zetacoin along with several other coins.
    2 days ago
  • Yes, the "Verified" mark would be nice but I think that we should do the easiest one for now and then see. There's no reason why not have multiple marks. So I suggest to do the "Made by ZBAD" mark and then we may do the "Verified" one.
    2 days ago
  • How about "ZBAD305 Verified"
    2 days ago
  • I don't use Google products but definitely see the value in this and would donate some funds towards this goal.
    2 days ago
  • Well, I have Mac but I have no idea how to do it.
    2 days ago
  • Hey there, I'm Cameron and I'm just a regular ole guy who has a passion for decentralized structures in nature as well as gaining and sharing knowledge. I've been told a lot lately that I'm a good communicator and facilitator, so I just occupy myself by being an "evangelist" to people I meet in day to day interactions.
    2 days ago
  • Yeah, I just wanted to make it as credible as possible, but you might be absolutely right!
    2 days ago

This is the home of the ZBAD305 community.  Welcome to all new comers to ask questions, interact with the community, learn about the coin and what we are about.

Sunday, 08 December 2013
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